Projects & Schedules

The first two thirds of the semester will be spent reading, presenting, and exploring three historical approaches to the page (classical, modernist, post-modernist) as well as re-examining basic type rules in a new context and learning HTML/CSS basics. In addition, you’ll identify a theme, collect and edit potential content, and write an introduction for your final project.

The last third of the semester will be spent organizing, designing and building the final project. A take-home final exam will be distributed the last week of class.

Some helpful documents, should you need copies:

  • Schedule for the Semester (15 weeks of typographic goodness!)
  • Explanation regarding Process Points. (Worth 20% of your grade)
  • Tips for reading critically.
  • The Q & A Handouts for the readings.
  • TheĀ Write And Effective Resume handout (for use in TWD exercises)
  • The Final Project (research a topic related to typography, design a website)
  • The Writing Your Intro handout (pre-writing, drafting, revising, proofreading…)
  • The Final Exam (take home… but you can work on it in lab too)

Any HTML/CSS exercises not provided above can be found on (TWD)