Maricor and Maricar (19??)


Maricor and Maricar are twin sisters. While they have an extensive body of work online, it was difficult to find a lot of personal information about them. I’m unsure when they were born, but what I do know is that they were born in the Philippines and moved to in Sydney Australia at the age of two. This is where they work today.

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Vaughan Oliver (1957)

Designer and Music Lover

Vaughan Oliver, born September 12, 1957 in Sedgefield, England, created a name for himself designing album art. (A very comprehensive collection of his works located here.) He lives south of London, starting work at 23 Envelope in the early 80’s and later v23, both of which are graphic design studios with close ties to the 4AD record label.

Heidi-Berry His-Name-Is-Alive-Stars-on-E.S.P.-2 His-Name-Is-Alive-Stars-on-E.S.P.-1 Tarnation MAARS Lush-Split Throwing-Muses The-Mountain-Goats-See-America-Right throwing-muses7

Vaughan Oliver is inspired by working with music that can change his mind and changes his mood, the creativity of collaborators, keeping an open mind and stepping out of his comfort zone. His goal is for sound and vision to work with music and design in a way that is stronger than its individual parts. (Source: youtube) Continue reading

Doyald Young (1926 – 2011)

Doyald Young was a teacher at the Art Center College of Design as well as a typeface designer. He was born in Texas in 1926 and passed away in February of 2011 due to a complicated heart surgery. Young spend many years of his life teaching a variety of typography courses, but he is most well know for not only his logo and type designs, but how he created them.

hotels1 dy002 DoyaldYoung-YoungFinesse-2003

Young was taught to create everything he made by hand, which back in the day had to be done due to the lack of computers, but even as he continued working into the modern era, he still created all his work by hand with only paper, pencils, and rulers. He was able to hand-draw perfect, small-scale letterforms with ease. Continue reading

Paula Scher (1948)

MD_ScherP_BalletTech_640(1) MD_ScherP_Cigarette_640 MD_ScherP_NJPAC_640(1)

Born on October 6, 1948, Paula Scher is ab American graphic designer, painter and art educator in design, and the first female principal at Pentagram, which she joined in 1991.

She develops typographic solutions that communicate the essence of each job. Her earliest works were influenced by art décor and Russian constructivism. She strives to use ideas of form from the past to influence her work that can re-imagine the graphic identities of her clients.

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Jamie Reid (1947)


Jamie Reid was born in 1947 in London England. Reid is an activist, artist. His artwork for the group the Sex Pistols came to define and symbolize the English punk rock scene of the late 1970s (Never mind the Bullocks, here’s the Sex Pistols). Reid developed his style of cutting up graphics and other elements, collaging them together for an artistic look of ransom notes. Over the years he has continued to work as an artist, his work is based on political leanings, protesting nuclear weapons, racism and fairer criminal justice systems. He also worked with the world music group Afro Celt Sound System.

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Lucille Tenazas (1953)


Recognized for her role in translating many post modern ideas into design practice, Lucille Tenazas is a professor at Parson’s New School of Design in New York as well as a practitioner in her field. She was born in the Philippines in 1953; later travelling to the United States in 1979 equipped with a degree in fine arts and a curiosity of design. She was looking for advanced study and found it at the California College of the Arts (CCA) and then later at Cranbrook Academy of Art where she earned an MFA in Design. After working in New York for many years she moved to San Francisco and began a firm entitled Tenazas Design; since then it has now been relocated to New York. Continue reading