Mike Perry: Illustrator (19xx)

Mike Perry was originally from Kansas City Missouri where he grew up then went to Minneapolis College of Art. Now he lives in Brooklyn New York where he works in his studio.

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His first job was designing with Urban Outfitters for 3 years. He also worked with other big names such as Apple, The New York Times, Dwell, Target, Aldo, Nike, AOL, Aerie and many more. In 2012 he made a monograph called Wondering Around Wandering.

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April Greiman (1948)

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April Greiman was born and raised in New York City. The daughter of professional dancer Renee Greiman, April was taught at a young age that art was an important form of self expression. This pushed her to pursue an education in art. Originally applying to RISD, Greiman was rejected from the school for her inability to draw, however was recommended to the Kansas City Art Institute graphic design program where she received her bachelors in fine arts.

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Dominique Falla (1969-)

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Dominique Falla is an Australian artist, that works as a typographer, illustrator, graphic designer, author and a university lecturer. She was born in Melbourne, Austalia, but now works between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Best known for her hands on posters, she also creates books and postcards.

Falla began the first 20 years of her artistic career using adobe programs, which she became tired of over a long period of time. She became sick of constantly looking at a computer screen and decided she would intertwine her love of typography and technology by creating posters using string and nails.

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Dan Friedman (1945-1995)

06_Friedman_Exhibit_GD40 12_Friedman_Exhibit_GD40 FriedmanBrochure2

Friedman was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1945. His inspiration to enter the design world came from his parent’s decorating and designing their new home. Young Friedman was greatly interested in the attention to details his mother took in planning their new ‘american dream’ home in the suburbs of Ohio. This lead him to begin his own design drawings, “all very futuristic, like the Jetsons.” says Friedman in an interview with Peter Rea. He died in 1995 of AIDS.

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