Stefan Sagmeister (1962)

Having Lou Reed Stefan

 “I personally believe that print is going to be around for a very, very long time, if I’m wrong, future designers will have to be screen-based….I’d rather move to Sri Lanka and build a house than become a website designer.”

Stefan Sagmeister is an internationally renowned graphic designer and typographer best known collaborations with musicians like the Rolling Stones and David Bryne of Talking Heads.

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Wolfgang Weingart (1941)

vai048Weingart_02_640Wolfgang Weingart8

Born 1941 in Germany in the Salem Valley, Weingart spent most his life in Switzerland. In 1958 he got accepted for a two year course at Merz Academy in Stuttgart. His interest in type started at the age of 17 when he discovered his school’s printing room.

From 1968-2005 he taught typography at Weiterbildungsklasse für Grafik. He has created a lot of his work for books he published as a teacher.

Before the 1970s he was interested in International Style, but shifted towards Postmodern design in the 1980s. Although there were subtle signs of the common style of work at the time, his work showed a style unorganized and spontaneous design that was unlike Swiss style of that time. His work was inspired by Armin Hoffmann and Emil Ruder, former teachers of his.

Jaume Plensa (1955)

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Born in Barcelona, Spain, currently sharing his residence between Paris and Barcelona, Plensa is a contemporary sculptor known all over the world for his sculptures that
blend in
with public spaces. But he also works in a wide range of media including drawing, sculpture, print-making, opera scenery, video art, acoustic installations, text and light. Many of his works is built by using the form of letters, symbols, signs and even Asian characters. Most are figurative.

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Neville Brody, 1957

Neville Brody Graphic Language 1988 c0039300_4846c368a6e10 neville-brody-1

Neville Brody, born April 23 1957, is a British graphic artist and designer. Known for pushing boundaries, going against the grain, and being an all around rebellious kind of guy. Brody was born in Southgate London his first schooling experience was at Hornsey College of Art, where he studied the Fine Arts. But after a year of foundations and studio based art he moved on the the London College of Printing. Brody chose to switch colleges because the gallery based fine art format of his previous school did not agree with him. He became known for breaking the mold and sometimes doing things just to aggravate his professors, such as changing all of the things in his work that his professor had said to have liked. He was even almost expelled for rotating the head of the Queen on a stamp in one of his projects.

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Emil Ruder (1914-1970)

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Born in Zurich
Swiss Typographer from Basel
Taught at Basel School of Design

Emil Ruder, a key player in the development of the Swiss Style. He was known for designing posters, was a writer and editor for “Typographic Monthly” trade publication, and published a book called “Typography”.

“He broke away from the subjective, style-driven typography of the past and encouraged his students to be more concerned with precision, proportions and above all, the role of legibility and communication with type.”     -Shane Bzdok

Ruder explains his philosophy on typography.

“Typography has one plain duty before  it and that is to convey information  in writing.” -Emil Ruder

A brief History of Emil Ruder By Shane Bzdok

Kurt Schwitters 1887-1948

orchard_fig1a  merz_no2_cover_5503  CRI_242589

Kurt Schwitters lived a full life from 1887-1948. He was a painter, sculptor, designer and writer. He originated from Germany, and moved to England in 1940. Immediately after his arrival he started to intern in a camp on the Isle of Man continuing his work. In October 1941 he moved to London, a few years later he moved to Little Langdale, near Ambleside in the Lake District where he lived the rest of his life, often painting portraits for clients. Continue reading

Jamie Reid (1947)


Jamie Reid was born in 1947 in London England. Reid is an activist, artist. His artwork for the group the Sex Pistols came to define and symbolize the English punk rock scene of the late 1970s (Never mind the Bullocks, here’s the Sex Pistols). Reid developed his style of cutting up graphics and other elements, collaging them together for an artistic look of ransom notes. Over the years he has continued to work as an artist, his work is based on political leanings, protesting nuclear weapons, racism and fairer criminal justice systems. He also worked with the world music group Afro Celt Sound System.

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