Maricor and Maricar (19??)


Maricor and Maricar are twin sisters. While they have an extensive body of work online, it was difficult to find a lot of personal information about them. I’m unsure when they were born, but what I do know is that they were born in the Philippines and moved to in Sydney Australia at the age of two. This is where they work today.

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Vince Frost (1964)

Born in England, raised in Canada and currently working from his design firm in Australia, Vince Frost has quite the track record.  From early beginnings as a young designer in Pentagram to an award winning graphic designer,  Vince Frost’s Big Magazine debut is what most point to as the moment he came into his own. He isn’t a one-hit wonder however as he has gone on to have a very illustrious career in design.  Below are some of his works as well as some of Frost* Design’s projects.

Vince-Frost_1 Vince-Frost_6 4 Graphis Magazine Design 1 - edited by Martin Pedersen (2) Frost_CBA_2 Frost_Actew_AGL_oscillates_3 Vince-Frost_2 5d0be3ba72ea359604635edb53e97345 Vince-Frost_3

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Dominique Falla (1969-)

 geof card angle_cargo smash-details2 both  Relax-and-Unwind27  starting-to-wind

Dominique Falla is an Australian artist, that works as a typographer, illustrator, graphic designer, author and a university lecturer. She was born in Melbourne, Austalia, but now works between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Best known for her hands on posters, she also creates books and postcards.

Falla began the first 20 years of her artistic career using adobe programs, which she became tired of over a long period of time. She became sick of constantly looking at a computer screen and decided she would intertwine her love of typography and technology by creating posters using string and nails.

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