Typography As Design

Student Work, Fall 2013

cover sleeve_off
fili interview

Meridyth honored her designers’ traditional lettering with a more traditionally designed book. She used a removable band for the cover/title. Note the full title page, the solid color page used to separate the designers, and the text-to-frame approach for the text block.

The Web Version

splash introduction fili

I don’t usually recommend having a “splash page” without much information on it, but here it slows the pacing down and feels more like a traditional book experience.

Discovering Style

Student Work, Fall 2013

cover endpaper  half-title  intro mike_perry

Janelle used hand-drawn type and a collage approach to capture the playful, rule-breaking work of her two designers. Notice the body text remains in a more traditional text-block.

The Web Version


The grid is not exactly the same, but many of the design elements carry over.

Flirtation With the Physical

Student Work, Fall 2013

cover_flirtation intro tanamachi

Carissa used a more traditional approach to text, color palette, and paper. Notice how the inside front cover identifies the name of the book (left edge of spreads). This started as a printing error in an earlier mock up. She decided to keep it, since it works with her theme of “the physical” for these two designers.

Hand Drawn Type

Student Work, Fall 2013

introduction perryneuenschwander

One of Camden’s artists works with very large horizontal pieces. Thus, he needed to design a horizontal book. On text spreads, he used smaller images to create rhythm and tension within the top space.

The Web Version


Above right is an example of one of the large horizontal pieces.


Student Work, Fall 2013

spectrum_introspectrum_hische  spectrum_tanamachi

Bethany used orange for one designer, and teal for the other. Since she already had experience with HTML and CSS, Bethany used her time to build a much fuller site than required: including a page for the gallery and additional resources for each designer. (Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the accompanying boxed set of three books.)


Student Work, Fall 2013

lenses_intro lenses_perrylenses_bass

Evan’s design has a strict grid and picture/text relationship followed from page to page. He uses color to help readers know where they are in the site. (Unfortunately, I don’t have any images of the accompanying book.)

Matthew Carter (1937)

CarterFaces Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 9.44.00 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 9.44.41 AM

  • His father, Harry Carter, is a well-known and respected type designer as well.
  • At age twenty he did an internship at the famous Enschede printing house in Harlem, Netherlands.
  • He left studying English at Oxford to pursue his passion for printing.
  • Spent six years freelancing in London doing some self training in London.
  • In 1965 he moved to New york to take a position at Mergenthaler Linotype.
  • Designed multiple type styles such as Shell Round hand, Helvetica compressed. Along with types of Greek and Korean faces.

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Getting a jQuery/Javascript Gallery Up and Running

This post will cover the basics of getting a jQuery/Javascript based image gallery into any site. Its not a difficult process it just takes some time to understand how things work and how they work together to achieve the desired effect.

Step 1: Find a gallery plugin that you want to use for your site. It is usually best to find one with a lot of good support documentation so that if you hit a snag you can read through it to figure out what might have gone wrong.

FancyBox is one option, there are many, many others.


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