Matthew Carter (1937)

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  • His father, Harry Carter, is a well-known and respected type designer as well.
  • At age twenty he did an internship at the famous Enschede printing house in Harlem, Netherlands.
  • He left studying English at Oxford to pursue his passion for printing.
  • Spent six years freelancing in London doing some self training in London.
  • In 1965 he moved to New york to take a position at Mergenthaler Linotype.
  • Designed multiple type styles such as Shell Round hand, Helvetica compressed. Along with types of Greek and Korean faces.

-Bell Centennia
-Big Caslon
-Bitstream Charter
-Big Figgins
-Carter Sans
-Cascade Script
-ITC Galliard
-Shelley Script
-Snell Roundhand
-Wilson Greek

-Royal Designer for Industry
-Frederic W. Goudy Award
-Middleton Award from the American Center for Design
-Chysler Award for innovation in design
-AIGA medal
-directors club medal
-honorary degree of doctor of Fine Arts
-MacArther Fellow Award