Pamphlet Stitch, Dos à Dos Book

book2a book2b

I recommend this tutorial to learn how to make a pamphlet stitch book.

This book is a modified dos à dos (which means back to back) binding. There are three books here, but can be made with as many books as you’d like. Also, when you get good at binding, I imagine you could make a dos à dos with almost any binding.

The cover has an embossed title which is fairly easy to do. Make a template out of a thick paper like a manilla folder, put template (backwards) over the back of the page, use bone folder or other tool to press design into the cover. I found it works best if the paper you are embossing is not too thin or too thick, and the surface you are embossing on should be too hard or too soft.

This is how I did it. But experiment. You might find an even easier way. Remember, I’m a web designer. If you find an easier way, feel free to take picture and post your method.

The pamphlet stitch is very easy to do by hand. It was one of the easiest books to bind. In terms of preparing the document, you do have to set your pages up to print correctly as signatures (and you’ll have to print or copy your files double-sided.

Difficulty level of binding (not including pagination): 2 out of 10