Japanese Stab Binding

book3a book3b

I recommend this tutorial to learn how to make a basic Japanese Stab Binding.

Japanese stab bindings aren’t as complicated as they look (once you’ve got the hang of them). After you’ve tried the basic stitch, try the Tortoise Stitch (shown in the image above). Note: this tutorial does not have sound, so will be harder to follow if you haven’t ever tried a basic stitch.

Other tutorials show how to do a Hempleaf Stitch (video), and a Marionette Stitch (diagram with written steps).

Japanese stab binding is fairly easy to do. The tortoise stitch above was one of the easiest books to bind. Plus the pages are french fold, which means the pages don’t have to be printed or copied double-sided (a bonus).

Difficulty level of binding (not including pagination): 4 out of 10