Vince Frost (1964)

Born in England, raised in Canada and currently working from his design firm in Australia, Vince Frost has quite the track record.  From early beginnings as a young designer in Pentagram to an award winning graphic designer,  Vince Frost’s Big Magazine debut is what most point to as the moment he came into his own. He isn’t a one-hit wonder however as he has gone on to have a very illustrious career in design.  Below are some of his works as well as some of Frost* Design’s projects.

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He makes a point that he isn’t afraid to try any medium in order to solve a design problem.  However typography is one of his strongest skills.

In terms of his own personal philosophies, I believe his passion of design speaks for itself.  When hiring on a designer on his team, he always looks for how passionate, how big of a thinker they can be.   He has been quoted on his website bio once that “Design for design’s sake does not concern us. Making a difference does.”  When asked how he came to realize that design was his true calling he responded with; “When I was about 17 and realised that there was such a thing as a design job. Since that day I have lived and breathed it 24/7. My desire is to help people be great.”



Frost* Design

Strong, silent type by Richard Jinman

Career Q&A: Vince Frost by Desktop


Vince Frost by Maria Senkel