Vaughan Oliver (1957)

Designer and Music Lover

Vaughan Oliver, born September 12, 1957 in Sedgefield, England, created a name for himself designing album art. (A very comprehensive collection of his works located here.) He lives south of London, starting work at 23 Envelope in the early 80’s and later v23, both of which are graphic design studios with close ties to the 4AD record label.

Heidi-Berry His-Name-Is-Alive-Stars-on-E.S.P.-2 His-Name-Is-Alive-Stars-on-E.S.P.-1 Tarnation MAARS Lush-Split Throwing-Muses The-Mountain-Goats-See-America-Right throwing-muses7

Vaughan Oliver is inspired by working with music that can change his mind and changes his mood, the creativity of collaborators, keeping an open mind and stepping out of his comfort zone. His goal is for sound and vision to work with music and design in a way that is stronger than its individual parts. (Source: youtube)

Vaughan often collaborates with photographers, most notably Simon Larbalestier, Nigel Grierson and Marc Atkins, giving the photographer a lot of trust and freedom. For his work, Vaughan uses a variety of different techniques, including but not limited to: aerosol, spray paint and hand drawn typography. If at all possible, he avoids using Photoshop and editing.

Here’s a nice, little article written about the Vaughan Oliver: link.