Naomie Ross (19??)

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Naomie Ross is a contemporary graphic designer that earned her degree from the School of Visual Arts. She was born and raised in New York City and is still working there to this day and she has been working as a freelancer since 2011.

Ross is a multidisciplinary designer as she works with simple posters with little type, posters with just type, small books or pamphlets and even videos.

In 2011 she created a short instructional video entitled “Letterpress” in which it shows an unidentified person (assumably Ross) using a letterpress.  It shows how she picks the letters, puts them in place, sets the kerning, applies the color as well as the rest of the steps it takes to create type on a letterpress. She uses a letterpress quite often when it comes to posters, but she also works a lot with Photoshop. A lot of the work she does using the letterpress is remarkably clean and looks as if it was done on the computer.

She is inspired by a lot of old style books, comic books and old commercial items. She seems to lean more toward an old style of designing which could explain her reoccurring use of the letterpress.

Naomie Ross’s website shows her most notable and recognizable artworks, she gives images of some of her inspirations and she gives a brief background on herself.