Maricor and Maricar (19??)


Maricor and Maricar are twin sisters. While they have an extensive body of work online, it was difficult to find a lot of personal information about them. I’m unsure when they were born, but what I do know is that they were born in the Philippines and moved to in Sydney Australia at the age of two. This is where they work today.

The sisters are famous for incorporating textiles into graphic design and animation. Their body of work includes embroidery, paper sculptures, illustration, and more. They have a desire to make their work physically tactile, with the belief that it further engages their viewer. Their pieces evoke a feeling of personality in the sense that you can see the minor imperfections that come with embroidering large illustrations or working with paper cutouts. These works really give you a feel that they were made special by a designer with personality rather than generated by a cooperate design firm.

The materials they work with include a combination of new media including Photoshop and Illustrator along with some more traditional mediums of photography, embroidery, paper sculpture, and stop motion animation.

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There have been several articles written about them, but the most engaging was an interview conducted by the design files.

Overall their work shows amazing attention to detail and relates to their viewer by providing an imagined sense of touch and feeling that coincides with their visual design.