Jan van Toorn (1932)

Jan van Toorn was born in May of 1932 in Tiel, Netherlands. He is known for his posters, book design, calendars, and some stamps. Currently he is teaching at Saint Joost Academy in Breda.


He loves using white space as a medium. He says in an interview,

“It’s all about making it open and freeing it from conventions.”

He thinks of white space as the new “classic image”. He wants viewers to have a new way of discovering what the piece is about. In some pieces he uses many different photographs that he collages together to make viewers really think about what they are looking at. Most of them are everyday activities that he matches together with other photos to give them new meaning.

Joshua Tang talks about Jan van Toorn’s book in his article, Jan van Toorn: Critical Practice.

For more examples of his work here is a link to a website showcasing a few of his different art pieces.

Here is also a link to a video of Jan van Toorn talking about his art and how he is now teaching young graphic designers the ways of design.