Stefan Sagmeister (1962)

Having Lou Reed Stefan

 “I personally believe that print is going to be around for a very, very long time, if I’m wrong, future designers will have to be screen-based….I’d rather move to Sri Lanka and build a house than become a website designer.”

Stefan Sagmeister is an internationally renowned graphic designer and typographer best known collaborations with musicians like the Rolling Stones and David Bryne of Talking Heads.

Born in Bergenz, Austria in 1962, he studied graphic design at the University of Applied arts Vienna. Over the years he’s worked in several major cities like Honk Kong and Germany. He is part owner of Sagmeister & Walsh design firm based in New York City as well as teaching the graduate design program of the School of Visual Arts New York.

He chooses to work with clients with a good rapport, which explains his frequently collaborates with the same artists. While a primary source of his design goes to commercial work like album covers, he also enjoys the freedom of not having a deadline. He draws inspiration from the world around him and refocuses that into his work.

He tries not to conform to one particular style, but at the same time he avoids having to reinvent a new style each project. A majority of his work is a mixture of hand-made typography blended with creative photography. He uses a variety of mediums to convey his message, from toilet paper, to sharpies to razor blades whatever it takes to contextualize his art working with type in usual ways.

As well as being an educator and designer he also frequently contributes to Ted Talks as well as recently publishing the book Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far.