Spiral Binding, Wrap Around Cover

book1a book1b

I recommend this tutorial to learn how to spiral bind your own book.

This book has a wrap around cover so you can’t see the binding when the book is closed. It creates a spine and makes the book look and feel more “finished.”

The cover has a hand cut title, so another paper shows through. I honestly did this because I made a mistake estimating the length I needed for the cover. I needed to make it look more balanced and purposeful…

Inside, sections are separated by heavy colored paper. Some pages fold out.

The spiral binding is hard to do by hand. It was the second-hardest book to bind and not spectacular enough to be worth the work. I’d recommend going to Staples or Office Max or something to have the binding done. We also have a binding machine in CVPA 310.

Difficulty level: 7 out of 10
Bind it somewhere else and it’s much easier: 3 out of 10