Martin Venezky (1957-Present)

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Based in Los Angeles, Martin Venezky is a contemporary artist, born in 1957, who maintains a prominent and active role in the design community. He works primarily in print, yet dabbles often with ink, collaging and freehand typography.

He started his artistic career receiving a BFA from Dartmouth College, later graduating with an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of the Arts. Shortly after graduating, in 1993, he began teaching as an associate professor at California College of the Arts. In 1997, he started his own design firm, Appetite Engineers. His commitment and avant-garde approaches to type and design grew his small firm into an internationally recognized one. His technique focused on intricacy, complexity, ornament and handwork (especially applied to text). Appetite Engineers is responsible for publishing considerably entertaining works for the Sundance Festival, Reebok and The San Fransico MoMA, to name a few. Martin has published many books and articles about design and typography, and even held the position of editor at, Speak, the late magazine of popular culture, literature, music, and art. His experience has led him to teach at various colleges and universities, including CCA, California institute of the Arts and RISD.

To this day his firm continues to be successful and offer new and interesting approaches to design and text. Venezky continues to produce personal works, a majority of which have been featured around the world in exhibitions.


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