Marian Bantjes (1963)


Marian Bantjes is a Canadian born typographer, designer, illustrator, and writer currently living and working from an island off the west coast of Canada near Vancouver.

Bantjes is best known for her structured yet organically fluid detail oriented art and design. Formally speaking Bantjes’ work spans multiple styles and draws influence from different time periods while holding true to her unique nature of intricate detail and complex patterns. When asked where her influences come from in a questionnaire on her website she noted,

“Most of the usual suspects such as 14th–18th c calligraphy, illuminated manuscripts, islamic art, art nouveau, the Arts & Crafts movement,   typography, textiles from around the world, old lace, Baroque, Rococco or Gothic anything, psychedelia, grafitti, Victoriana, Money, engraving, Persian carpets … the list goes on. Surprisingly, I’m not a big fan of Celtic knotwork or M.C. Escher. Less obviously, but just as important, are my interests in Modernist architecture and design, Swiss typography, contemporary art, photography, sculpture (too many forms to enumerate), fashion, writing and any number of things that might pass my way randomly at any point in time.”

Although Bantjes’ favorite medium is pencil she enjoys the control of vector art and does not confine herself to one medium frequently working with other mediums such as ink, pencil, oil paint, cloth, and mixed media. Marian Bantjes enjoys the “problem solving” aspect of design however she denounces the term.

“ I really like complexity so I often start with creating problems that I then have to figure out how to “solve”. That’s not really solving anything, but the mental exercise is stimulating. Ideally I end up with something that has an “Aha!” moment for both myself and the viewer.”


Text By Marian Bantjes
Bantjes was a writer for the weblog Speak Up and has published many different works on topics in the field of art and design.

Our Futurist Past, By Marian Bantjes

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