Jessica Hische (1984)

Born 1984

Jessica Hische was born in Charleston, South Carolina; raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania; and went to school at Temple University‘s, Tyler School of Art. She currently goes between living in Brooklyn, New York and San Francisco, California where she does her work.


What She Is Known For

  • Typography: hand lettering, type design, advertisements
  • Illustration: advertisements
  • Book Cover Design
  • Side Projects: Daily Drop Cap, “Should I Work for Free Flow Chart,” JessandRuss, various web-based projects


Other Great Work

She also dabbles in type design, tattoo design(both illustrative and type), wedding invitations, album art, and designed the movie titles for Moonrise Kingdom(2012).



Partially a philosophy, and partially a great piece of advice Hische gave to upcoming designers in an interview,

“Whatever work you do when you are procrastinating from other things is probably what you should be doing for the rest of your life…I would be working on a design project that was a little more involved, but really the only thing I wanted to work on was doing the hand lettering (”

Since that is what she is known for, as well as what she loves doing, that is quite an extraordinarily wonderful thing to say. Another philosophy of her’s is to not have a favorite font:

“…if you have a favorite font, you’re probably using it inappropriately or way too often (”

She has also made up her own word “procrastiworking,” which basically means what it sounds like.

Links to Her Work

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