Doyald Young (1926 – 2011)

Doyald Young was a teacher at the Art Center College of Design as well as a typeface designer. He was born in Texas in 1926 and passed away in February of 2011 due to a complicated heart surgery. Young spend many years of his life teaching a variety of typography courses, but he is most well know for not only his logo and type designs, but how he created them.

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Young was taught to create everything he made by hand, which back in the day had to be done due to the lack of computers, but even as he continued working into the modern era, he still created all his work by hand with only paper, pencils, and rulers. He was able to hand-draw perfect, small-scale letterforms with ease.

Above are some of the fonts that Young created. As design began to move to digital work, Young still stayed true to the old pen and paper. But he did not fall behind in the times, he continued to create his hand drawn type just as he did before as well as creating identical vector work of his drawings adjusted for use in print and digital media. Young always stood by the ideal that drawing was a critical part of any kind of art from start to finish.

Young’s work is still seen today in a wide range of places. He designed are large list of work for many important people and businesses such as the Grammys, Golden Globe, the Tonys, Sony, Hilton Hotels, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Prince.

Information gathered from: AIGA – Doyald Young