Craig Ward (19xx)

Various works

British born, now based in New York, Craig Ward is no stranger to typography. Since graduating in 2003, he has worked with several agencies in London and made it all the way up to being a Senior Designer and Art Director.

He eventually moved to the great New York in 2009 than to a design company till 2011, where he than self-employed himself. Ward has had clients like BMW, Ketel One Vodka, Nike NY Times, Macy’s, Ebay, Hennessy, and so much more!.

He is known for his elaborate and creative play with text and illustrations with the text. Some of his art work uses mediums such as paint, ink, and outside materials of everyday life. Ward has a love for Typography if you may not have noticed; he is driven by the final product. He wants and creates original art.

In his own about me from his website (Craig Ward/Words Are Pictures) he states:

“it’s my hope that the excitement and energy of never quite knowing what to expect when I begin a project translates into the final piece.”