Mike Perry: Illustrator (19xx)

Mike Perry was originally from Kansas City Missouri where he grew up then went to Minneapolis College of Art. Now he lives in Brooklyn New York where he works in his studio.

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His first job was designing with Urban Outfitters for 3 years. He also worked with other big names such as Apple, The New York Times, Dwell, Target, Aldo, Nike, AOL, Aerie and many more. In 2012 he made a monograph called Wondering Around Wandering.

Perry is best known most likely for his playful and colorful illustrations, typography, and graphics that are plastered all over all of the agencies, retail, medias, magazines, and non-profit organizations he has done work for.

Covering a broad set of different media Perry creates a variety of prints, posters, illustrations and even animations. He uses paints, watercolors, markers, pens, papers, printing inks, etc. His studio is filled with all different kinds of art supplies and drawers and drawers of scraps and old projects for remaking.

Perry says his grandfather was one of his odd inspirations. He had given him a set of paints to work with when he was about the age of 13. His grandfather was an inventor and had a few strange machines back in the day but he also painted relentlessly much like Mike Perry today.

Along with all his other work Perry also spent time making a few of his own publications. His first was called Hand Job; a catalog of type, and it almost wasn’t published at first but when it was it turned out to do very well.

For more inspiration and exploration visit Perry’s Studio