Lucian Bernhard (1883-1972)

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Lucian Bernhard was a largely self-taught type designer, poster designer, and art director for a magazine in Berlin, Germany. He then moved on to being a professor in 1923 at Akademie der Kuste. In 1928 he then moved to the States, went to New York City opened the Contempora Studio as a graphic designer, and interior designer. He was primarily a painter and sculptor for the last 40 years of his life.

He is known work for helping to create  Plakatsil style posters which used “reductive imagery and flat-color”. Another poster he was known for was Sachplaket (objective posters) that “restricted the image to simply the object being advertised”. Lucian was also a graphic designer for Stiller Shoes, Manoli Cigarettes, and Priester Matches.

Bernhard was inspired by actual facts of his youth, but that only had a little bit to do with it. He enjoyed toying with those details of his adult life, and that all his stories depended on the mood of his audience. A major contribute to his inspiration was when he was a teen, he went to a major European Art Noveau with colorful theater posters that caught his eye.

Lucian Bernhard,