Derek Birdsall (1934)

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Derek Birdsall was born August 1, 1934 and has lived in Wakefield, Yorkshire for the majority of his life. Although Derek was never interested in school he was urged to enroll in art school by teachers who had taken note on his beautiful handwriting. While in art school Derek had noticed that the field of advertising was always booming with job opportunities, but he felt like they were always trying to “top each other”, so he decided to stick with freelance work. Birdsall worked closely with Penguin designing book covers and books, as well as with Pirelli designing calendars.

Derek has said that he enjoys working on books and their covers the most and gets extra excited when he is presented with the opportunity to do so. Along with designing books he has designed and authored a book of his own, Notes On Book Design

When researching Derek Birdsall you will be forced to look outside of Wikipedia, since there is hardly any information written about him there, not even a picture was posted. But, I had found a couple of sites that gave a very detailed timeline of his career here and here.