David Carson (1954)

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David Carson was born on September 8th 1954.  He is from Corpus Christi, Texas.

He currently tours across Europe, South America and the United States, giving lectures and holding workshops and exhibitions.  He did most of his work at a studio he opened in New York City.

He started as a teacher and a professional surfer. He was ranked 9th best surfer in the world. He became interested in typography and design when he was 29.

He was interested in the culture of Southern California and attended the Oregon College of Commercial Art.  His first influence came from a teacher of a three week graphic design work shop in Switzerland named Hans-Rudolph Lutz. He started his design career with magazines for skateboarding and snowboarding.

He is most well known for designing  Ray Gun magazine.  It is during this design period that he experimented with type and developed his grunge look

His noticeable work within the Ray Gun magazine was his use of the Dingbat font for an article on Brian Fairy.  The article was posted in a legible font at the back of the issue.

He has done work for a great number of well known companies including Pepsi Cola, Nike, NBC, Sony, Warner Bros., and Budweiser.

His recent work has included television commercials, magazine layouts and typography, business brands, and posters for film festivals.

He has published four books: End of Print, 2nd Sight, Fotografiks, and Trek.  His medium is digital work and printed work.

His style has been called grunge typography
He calls his style subjective, personal and self indulgent

He did a Ted talk that was funny and insightful.