Dominique Falla (1969-)

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Dominique Falla is an Australian artist, that works as a typographer, illustrator, graphic designer, author and a university lecturer. She was born in Melbourne, Austalia, but now works between the Gold Coast and Byron Bay. Best known for her hands on posters, she also creates books and postcards.

Falla began the first 20 years of her artistic career using adobe programs, which she became tired of over a long period of time. She became sick of constantly looking at a computer screen and decided she would intertwine her love of typography and technology by creating posters using string and nails.

Text by or about Dominique Falla:

“It’s hard to describe exactly what kind of artist Dominique Falla is. In her about me section, she describes herself as a “designer/artist who works in a variety of tactile mediums and combines digital creation with analogue output for exhibition and publication.” That’s no doubt accurate, but it doesn’t quite put into words her inspiring work. Images are better, as you can see from above.


Using a number of different media, it seems she explores visual images in terms of the messages they convey and their 3-dimensionality. Projects like her “Edible Art” piece show us that even a cake can be art. Her project “We are all a Part of the Same Thing” mixes complex, geometric thread design with a universal message. “Ideas are 1% Inspiration … 99% Perspiration” drives home the notion that it takes a lot of actual work (in this case a lot of push pins) to manifest an idea.”

All quotes here are from the article “Featured Artist: Dominique Falla” (Breaux, 2012)

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